You start to tap your foot to elevator music.


You make music jokes in a class when there are no other band members in that class.


You talk to Mr. Irving after school about his music selections.


You spend extra time in the band room and practice your scales faster and faster.


Mr. Irving is a reference on your resume.


You have a different band shirt for everyday of the week.


You walk in step with your friends.


All your friends and your friends' friends are band members.


The band room phone is like your pager.


You tap your foot to the radio.


Your favorite song is by someone who died 100 years ago.


You treat the instrument storage room as your locker. 


You sing or whistle as you walk to class.


You eat lunch in the band room.


You consider band a sport.


Mr. Irving is your first choice to Peer Tutor for.


You are friends with a grade 8.


Your read budget is higher than your food budget.


You noticed I misspelled "reed" above and got annoyed.


When you cut class, you go to the band room.


You sit in Mr. Irving's chair more than he does.


You think mouthpiece is a bad word.


When you graduate, you don't leave.


You're the only one who shows up for sectionals.


You don't take "double tonguing" as a dirty joke.


You conduct in the shower.


You psychotically speed to band practice.


You write jokes about being a band geek...wait a second...


You can tune a tenor sax.


You sit in class and start to finger notes on your pencil.


You double tongue in the halls.


You get upset while driving because your windshield wipers aren't in time with the radio.


In a turning lane you notice that the blinkers are not synchronized.


You can relate to the term, "One time in band camp..."


You stop walking in the mall and say "Doh" because you're not in step with the music.


You wear your concert attire, and look at yourself in the mirror and say "I'm good looking".


You go to a movie and pay more attention to the soundtrack than the actors.

When at the mall, you stay in step with the mall music.


You are failing all your classes that don't relate to music.


You skip other classes to go to band.


When you hear someone talking about "banned books," you think "Band books?"


You spend more time in the band room than most people do at full-time jobs.


You get to school early, just so you can go to band.


All of the bookmarks on your computer are to music websites.


You have "I love Music/Band" written on your shoes, backpack, notebook, clothing, screen-saver, locker, and/or body.


Your idol is your band director.


You spend your free time making lists about band.